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​Free Drug and Alcohol Policy



It is the goal of Loyalty Staffing Solution to maintain a work environment free of illegal drugs and substance abuse at all locations and facilities. The presence of use of illegal drugs and alcohol in the workplace adversely affects productivity and quality and creates a serious risk to the health and safety of contractors, customers, patients, suppliers and other business guests. Conduct inconsistent with the terms or spirit of this policy prohibited.




This policy applies to all Loyalty Staffing Solutions and subsidiaries.




Safety, security and productivity are all vital concerns to Loyalty Staffing Solutions. These concerns are threatened by contractors who use or possess controlled substances or who appear for work under the influence of alcohol beverages, narcotics, Hallucinogens, depressants, stimulants marijuana or other controlled substances by a contractor of Loyalty Staffing solutions at any of its facilities while involved in Loyalty Staffing Solution business. If such contractor is found in violation of the above, he/she will be terminated from contract with Loyalty Staffing. The company will make full use of drug and alcohol testing consistent with State and Federal Laws. All contractors, as a condition, will be required to sign this statement.




Illegal Drug- These are drugs which are not illegally obtainable. The term includes such controlled substances as marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, heroin, P.C.P, and morphine, as well as prescription drugs not used for the prescribed purposes. Under the policy, alcohol is treated as an illegal drug.


Legal Drug- These are prescribed drugs or over-the-counter drugs which have been legally obtained and which are being used for the purpose for which they were prescribed or manufactured. Any contractor subject to this policy must report the use of such legal drugs to their supervisor if such drugs will impair their ability to perform their work safely and efficiently. Such legally obtained drugs must be kept in their original containers, which must identify the drug. If it is prescribed drug, the container must identify the pharmacy and the prescribing physician.


Reasonable Suspicion- This is suspicion based upon specific contemporaneous physical behavioral or performance indicators of probable substance use or abuse. Signs of impairment such as difficulty in maintaining balance, slurred speech, erratic or atypical behavior or other evidence that a contractor appears unable to perform his/her job in a safe manner will be sufficient to establish probably cause.




The company has the discretion to decide who and under what circumstances a contractor is fit for work. No contractor will be permitted to work while under the influence of alcohol or any drug not specifically prescribed by the contractor’s physician and used in accordance with that prescription. For purpose of this policy, a contractor will be considered “under the influence” of illegal drug if any scientifically detectable and verifiable presence is found in contractor’s system. Nothing in this paragraph is intended to exempt a contractor form any other provision of this policy.

  1. Any contractor who the company has reasonable cause to believe is unfit for work may be required to submit a medical examination of designated medical facility. Refusal to cooperate in such examination will be considered insubordination and subject the contactor to discipline or termination.

  2. Any contractor who intends to work while taking or under influence of prescription drug must inform his/her physician or his/her job duties in order to make certain that the drug does not affect or interfere with contractor’s safe and effective performance of those duties. If the drug has or may have any adverse effect on work performance, the contractor’s safe and effective job performance must report such use to the company’s on-site medial staff and if none, his/her immediate supervisor. All prescription and non-prescription drugs must be kept in their original packaging or container.




Any contractor who is (arrested or) convicted of an alcohol or drug-related offense raises a question as to whether that contractor is in compliance with this policy. A contractor must report within five (5) days after being (arrested) convicted to the top management official where the contractor works. In determining what action to take, if any, the company will consider, among other factors, the nature of the offense, the contractor’s work history, the contractor’s job duties and the impact the (arrest or) conviction may have on the contractor’s reputation and/or job effectiveness as well as on the company’s reputation




All contractors have an obligation to comply with and support this policy. Any contractor who is aware of a violation of the policy should report to it his/her immediate supervisor, on-site Human Resources Manager or top on-site management official. Every effort will be made to preserve the confidentiality of the source of a report. All reports will be taken seriously. Personas submitting false reports are subject to discipline or termination.





The company may conduct searches on and of its property, including inspection of lockers, desks lunch boxes, toolboxes, packages, briefcases, handbags and company vehicles while on company property. Refusal to cooperate will be considered insubordination and may subject the contractor to discipline or termination. It is the company’s intent to conduct searched in the least obtrusive manner appropriate under the specific circumstances. Any illegal substance found on company property may be returned over to the appropriate law enforcement authorities for investigation and possible criminal enforcement action.





Contractors who request treatment or leaves of absence for treatment will be subject to discipline; contractors may not, however, escape discipline by first requesting such treatment or leaves after violating company policies and rules. Such requests for treatment will be kept confidential in accordance with federal and state law.


Any contractor who feels he or she may have a substance abuse problem is urged to contact corporate compliance officer. Such contractors will not be disciplined or retaliated against. We are interested in a safe workplace, and a healthy and productive workforce, not un punishing contractors who come us for help.




The company reserves the right to interpret, revise or discontinue of this policy. Nothing herein is intended or should be construed as a contractual offer or creating any contractual obligation on the part of the company.




I hereby acknowledge that I have received a copy of Loyalty Staffing Solutions Drug and Alcohol Policy, that I have read and fully understand its contents and that I may be disciplined or terminated for violating such policy. I agree and promise that during the term of contract with Loyalty Staffing Solutions I will remain free from drug and alcohol abuse.

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